From the Principal

Dear MLK Staff, Students, Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to another year at Martin Luther King Jr., High School. We offer a structured nurturing environment where students both learn and thrive to become the best they can be. MLK is a fully accredited high school with an outstanding Credit Recovery program that enables students to successfully complete deficient credits. We are proud to note that The Middle States Association Validation Team stated in their team report, "...the Validation Team was very impressed and in awe of what this school does for its students. The staffs work shows a level of caring that far exceeds that of its peers in most public high schools. This staff not only brings academic content to students, but allows these students to thrive in a loving environment that many of them have never experienced.  The dedication of the staff to MLK and its students makes this a very special place... Martin Luther King Jr., High School is a "safe haven" for these kids. It is a place to come to ride out the storms in their young lives. It is a place that these students love and appreciate."

The Mission of the Martin Luther King Jr., High School is to create a welcoming, positive and safe environment for all students in which each student has worth, dignity and which supports the best interest of each child.  We strive to enable students to realize their academic potential, understand and maximize their strengths, experience opportunities for social and emotional growth, become effective self-advocates, and develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to become productive citizens.
We the shareholders of MLK believe that...
·          All students can learn, achieve and succeed
·          All students can realize their academic potential
·          All students can understand and maximize their strengths
·          All students can be effective self advocates
·          All students can develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to be productive citizens
·          All students must experience opportunities for social and emotional growth
·          All students have worth and dignity
·          All students are entitled to a safe learning environment
·          All students deserve a responsive, supportive and dedicated staff

Paul Tobin

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